Baby Hawk (Part I of III)

by Rademacher

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Recorded by Rademacher ( at The Cave Studios ( in Los Angeles, CA.


released July 5, 2011

Produced by Josiah Mazzaschi (, Kim Haden ( and Malcolm Sosa (

Engineered and mixed by Josiah Mazzaschi

Written and composed by Malcolm Sosa

Published by Rademacher Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Rademacher California

At turns wry and censorious, Rademacher uses its rough-hewn indie rock — barbed-wire guitars, funhouse keyboard lines, Mancillas’ shout-sung vocals — to dissect what it’s like to make rough-hewn indie rock.


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Track Name: Exes for Eyes
Exes for eyes and American thighs yes I love you
Hot summer nights on rooftops with lights all around
The shadow of town coming on down
Watch the stars touch the ground
Rockets all take to the sky

Cathedrals in cities and cellphones have pretty refrains
They've all teamed up together to let us know that the times they have changed
Ain't nothing the same
A new ballgame
Time to take a new name and take it for a spin

What kind of shape you in?
What kind of shape you want to be?
I've been having these flying dreams
seeing things

that you just wouldn't believe.

From the bottom of the lake
To the top of the water tower
All wrapped in Christmas lights
And the fog from fog machines

Been having these flying dreams
Seeing things
Maybe that means something is happening, right?

thought that I'd lost you, forgot you, maybe something had died
but nothing here is dying possibly hiding and just waiting to spring
to spread out those wings
and set those watches ahead.
You thought I was dead.
Always makes me laugh.

I can feel it all coming back
coming back to me.
Been having these flying dreams.
Seeing things.
Track Name: Baby Hawk
Moved in with some friends down in Echo Park
South of Sunset near the Burrito King
A four track and drumset in the basement

So we started a band and we got kind of good
And we got kind of big

Playing midnight slots in Eastside clubs
On weekday nights.

Made our first record all by ourselves
Made a thousand trips to the Radio Shack
Sold copies to family, family and ex-girlfriends

And after the shows and Sea to Level Todd, who said he'd sell it in his old store

Then KXLU KCRW started playing this song.

We were called Babyhawk and this, this was one of our songs.

You may not have heard of us. We weren't around for very long.
Track Name: They Are Always Into That
all the best songs are love songs
don't think that you can argue that no i don't think you can argue that.

all the cool kids and the square ones to
they're always into that, yes they are always into that.

easy come and go that's your story
convenient explanations for the way things are.
who really cares who really knows
whose responsibility was this?
Track Name: Pessimist
you've become a pessimist again
you've become a part of this whole thing
about you about us about them.

why bother being right if it don't get your leg up
on the competition?
sights and sounds can both be blinding
but who gets blinded twice?

I know I've often been a drag to hang along with
but I am serious this time
you know you're often on my mind
and that is fine with me if its
fine with you.
Track Name: Silverlake
Swallowed by a wave of Miller Light and Winstons
Hanging out in some cave
between the 2 and the 5
in Silverlake

Staring, just staring through some ceiling
Through the ceiling to some sky
To some other time
Some other place
A whole new dimension

It's time for strange confessions
Well who needs friends?
Tell me who needs friends.
Who needs me?
Who needs this?
Tell me who needs this?
Who needs anyone, anyone at all.

When you're hanging with some crowd
That shouldn't have been hung with
Talking really loud
When you should of just been quiet
'Cause a liar, knows a liar
We all know how to lie.
Track Name: Phantom Power
Made a record and a t-shirt and in a minute I was famous.

I was lucky to be who I was when I was me.
I was totally free, I was totally rad, and it was not all that bad being in charge. But with profits looming large, I choked. I always knew I'd be the one to choke.

One can only hope that when that rope comes swinging down you got your game working on the ground.

You flip that switch and you've got phantom power.