Baby Hawk (Part II of III)

by Rademacher

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Recorded by Rademacher ( at The Cave Studios ( in Los Angeles, CA.


released October 4, 2011

Produced by Josiah Mazzaschi (, Kim Haden ( and Malcolm Sosa (

Engineered and mixed by Josiah Mazzaschi

Written and composed by Malcolm Sosa

Published by Rademacher Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Rademacher California

At turns wry and censorious, Rademacher uses its rough-hewn indie rock — barbed-wire guitars, funhouse keyboard lines, Mancillas’ shout-sung vocals — to dissect what it’s like to make rough-hewn indie rock.


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Track Name: Orchestra
Turn up the orchestra and let down your hair. Lean back in that chair. One strap off your arm and one leg in the air. It is too late to care.

All blonde and perfect sometimes it still isn't worth it. Just another ring in the circus. Tightrope to walk and a new song to sing. It don't mean anything.

Hope shaped like an arrow and a face like a fox. Box full of lies, just some new exercise that you don't understand. It ain't easy to land.

No it was not that easy to lay her down.
Track Name: Magic Words
Woke up in your old bedroom
Woke up in your old bed
Same glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling
Same pillow under my head

Same clothes you left hanging in the closet
But they don't fit you no more
Same notes that you left on your top dresser drawer
Same view out the window same catch on the door

Maybe there ain't no place Brooklyn
Maybe there ain't no place like Queens
Maybe there ain't no place left to go home to
Maybe there ain't no place left to fit me

But I remember a day on the river
Remember a day in the park
Remember a restaurant with horrible service
Where I would go and watch you play guitar

Over the din and the clatter
All the tablecloths spattered with cheap red wine from the bar
the calamari was so-so but time could move slow-mo
when you struck a note and it shimmered like a star

It was a pretty good gig I guess
Free dinner and drinks and tips

Sometimes I want to go back there
Wish I could find the address
Sometimes I wish time would move backwards
Wish I knew which Magic Words would work best.

I woke up from a dream.

And the lights turned on.
Doors slammed shut.
Fell several stories.
Then I woke up.

It was just a dream.
Track Name: Honestly
Gonna keep my coat on
Not gonna change sides
Not interested in making any friends.

I can find my way out
The same way that I came in
I did not realize that I would be interrupting anything.


I always knew that I could walk this walk
Knew I'd eventually run the shop.
Always knew I had strong technique and that at my peak, at my peak, I would take this meet.


I am faster than you.
I'll last longer than you.

We can play it cool. Cool as ice. Talk about the weather and pretend to be nice.

Track Name: Up In The Air
there was nothing there when we left
and there'll be nothing left when we get back
we're up in the air

when there is nothing left to keep you tied down
well the tiniest storms can just blow you around
up in the air

I used to drive you to the airport all the time
it got so saying goodbye was the same as saying hi
are you gonna fly us out of here?

we're up in the air
(are you gonna fly us out of here?)
maybe we don't care anymore.
Track Name: Success
All of the signs pointed to yes
Stars in alignment
and Cancers
Like ballroom dancers
touching hands
Cheek to cheek

All of the signs pointed to yes
but we said no
No no no
Is this success?
'Cause if so
We expected more

Shut that door
and lock it
Seal off the entire floor
Cut the lights
Chuck the key

'Cause there ain't nothing in it for you anymore
and there ain't nothing in it for me anymore
There ain't nothing we can do

The tank's on empty.